Thailand Energy Sexuality Adventures

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Join us for Thailand Energy Sexuality Adventures!

Energize your sexual self with Dr. Leonard in gorgeous Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Dr. Leonard is a resident practitioner at Master Mantak Chia’s beautiful Tao Garden Spa and Resort in December, January.and February of each year.

The weather in Thailand during these months is typically sunny, with temperatures in the low 70’s in the morning and evenings, and in the low 80’s during the day. It’s the dry season in Thailand, and often it only rains a handful of days during these three months.

Enjoy a full range of exotic spa services, including world-famous Chi Nei Tsang massage, or just relax by the pool, sipping ginger tea after an invigorating herbal steam bath. Three buffets each day serve a variety of delicious vegan, vegetarian, and chicken/fish-lovers entrees, as well as exotic Taoist beverages for cleansing and toning your entire energy system.

Have the option of starting each day with an energy tune-up at the Tai Chi pavilion with head instructor, Walter Kellenberger, who leads an hour-long  Tai Chi/Chi Gung exercise class. Classes and seminars are held throughout the day. In the evening, Joanna Kellenberger leads a group exercise in yoga and Master Chia’s Six Healing Sounds meditation.

Dr. Leonard is on hand at the health clinic each day for consultations and treatments.

“My work with Dr. Leonard was the most profound healing experience of my life. My heart opened so wide, and it’s stayed open. I believe many women would benefit from this.”

Nadia (32) from Russia

Relax. Rejuvenate. Learn. Practice. Heal. Tao Garden is home to some of the world’s most advanced holistic healthcare providers, some of who will, along with treating patients, be giving workshops this winter.

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Master Mantak Chia's Tao Garden Spa and Resort is a world-class resort, holistic healing and teaching center.

Master Mantak Chia’s Tao Garden Spa and Resort is a world-class resort, holistic healing, and teaching center.


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