Here’s a POWERHOUSE video from the Energy Sexuality Insider YouTube channel demonstrating 6 great ways to stroke the G-spot. Enjoy!


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Ultimate Pleasure is an advanced hypnosex program for women. The soothing, relaxing sounds and script ease the fears and past programming that can limit a woman’s sexual pleasure. (You know, those old beliefs running around most women’s brains saying things like, “good girls shouldn’t enjoy sex as much as boys.”)

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It also addresses the blocks your lover may have to letting excitement flow through her body and love flow through her heart.
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The Ninja Lover’s training manual is a complete, fully illustrated guide to turning your penis into an instrument you can use to completely annihilate women with pleasure. It details in full color:
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• Exercises, mental techniques and nutritional protocols for giving you stronger, and perhaps bigger erections.
• Specific techniques for lasting longer in bed; in fact as long as you want once you get the methods down.

Over 5000 years of sexual wisdom in your hands.

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Your sexual confidence will soar as you become one of a handful of men on the planet that can give your lover massive orgasms…for as long as she can handle.
In this definitive guide to the awesome sexual art of vaginal massage, learn how to:
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• Do a “doggie style” vaginal massage.
• Use simple, sexy bondage techniques to add a whole new excitement to your love life.
• Use different finger positions and strokes to keep your lover craving more.
• Open up your woman’s vagina so she feels much more pleasure during sex.
• The best music to play during your massages.
• Combine advanced cunnilingus techniques with your vaginal massage skills.
• Use sex toys to make your lover come again and again, including one that top sex gurus use instead of their hands to give women squirting g-spot orgasms…
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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Dr. Leonard