Note: this is part of a continuing series that teaches men, the women who love them, and anyone else interested in developing their sexuality to the next level the art of vaginal massage. You can read part one of the series by clicking here: Mastering the art of vaginal massage…part one.

Imagine this: You’re a man and you’ve just gifted your lover with 10 whole-body orgasms in the last 45 minutes. Your left hand covers her heart, your index and middle fingers are resting in her most precious of parts. As her body shimmers in orgasmic bliss, a thought drifts through her mind. “He’s done it again: opened me like no one else before.” Never in her most precious dreams has she felt so cherished.

Do you want your relationships to be easier? Then put some work into mastering your sexual prowess and your emotions. If you’re giving your woman all she can handle in bed and have developed yourself to the point where her sometimes insane emotional life doesn’t knock you off your center, your life is going to be so much more comfortable.

So read on. We’re learning how to massage a woman’s vagina so that she can totally relax and feel pleasure for pleasure’s sake. Why? Because we love her AND we want to be so good at this relationship stuff in order for it to become fun instead of frustrating! Are you ready? In this post we’re continuing to learn how to set the stage for your vaginal massages. Here goes (see the link above to catch up on this subject):

For lighting, get good quality candles, the kind they sell at Pier One or Bed Bath and Beyond. Candlelight makes any lover’s skin look warmer and sexier. It’s also the most forgiving when it comes to wrinkles and sags. Incorporating candles, you and your lover will literally be looking at each other in your best light.

Using scented candles further enriches your lover’s experience by engaging her sense of smell. If you know your woman’s favorite scent, use it. If she doesn’t have one, try either lavender or ylang ylang. Lavender is used in aromatherapy (the science of influencing our emotions and health using fragrance) for relaxation. Lavender candles create a wonderfully calming atmosphere. Ylang ylang is known as the “sex scent”. It smells deep and earthy. As scents go, it’s mysterious.

Another way to work with scents is to use “pillow sprays.”  Use these “spray scents in a can” on your satin sheets before the massage and when your woman lies down, she’ll be enveloped by a cloud of scent sensation. Popular sprays are lavender, rose, ylang ylang, and jasmine. If it’s cool in the room, spray your sheets with pillow spray and run them in the laundry dryer for ten minutes to warm them.

Does your lover like incense? Burn it. These small touches are huge when it comes to relaxing her to where she’ll open for you like a desert bloom after a rain. She longs for this. She’s not getting it anywhere else. If burning incense or buying her a new robe lets her heart radiate under your tender touch, isn’t it worth it? Do you want your life to be easier or don’t you?

Time your VMs when you can be confident of privacy. If you have children, lock the bedroom door.

Next time we’ll continue to set the mood in preparing  your woman for her vaginal massage…Please write with any questions/comments! How do you raise the energy of the space where you make love?

Best, Dr. Leonard 

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