Note: this is part of a continuing series that teaches men, the women who love them, and anyone else interested in developing their sexuality to the next level the art of vaginal massage. See previous blogs, starting at The Vaginal Massage Playbook/Part One for any of the information you’ve missed up until this point.

Last time we detailed the first of five parts to a great vaginal massage, helping your woman open her heart. Let’s move on (in?)…

Leaving your left hand in place, look–really look–at your woman’s vagina, as if you were seeing it for the first time. (In reality you may be seeing it for the first time. This most luscious part of her can look radically different from day to day as the intricate folds that make up her labia lips often arrange themselves in different patterns. Also, she may have changed as a person, and this is a good time to remind yourself of her capacity for growth.)

Now describe what you see to her in a low, strong voice. For example, “I’m looking at your beautiful womanhood, my love, and it looks so pretty in the candlelight. Your inner lips are a great shade of pink, and they are curled up like a flower waiting to open its petals. The light is reflecting off your pubic hair, and your love muff has little sparkles in it. It looks so lush and soft.” For women who shave themselves clean: “I can see every little fold of your lusciousness, my love. The candlelight is playing over it. Your pink lips are glistening. God, you look so sexy.”

Be honest about what you see. Some experts believe you should stay away from complimenting her vagina altogether, sticking with “just the facts” of color, shape and texture. For example, “Your outer lips are a lighter pink and I see some moisture there. The entrance to your vagina is more of a rose color.” You will give her more by being honest than by making up half-hearted compliments, so feel perfectly free to just describe what her divine entrance looks like.

Should you describe your woman’s vagina to her before every VM? It’s up to you. Just know that most women can’t hear enough of you singing the praises of this most precious part of her. Just this one practice may heal deep past wounds she’s carried for years.

Next time: starting to massage her labia lips. Until then, please write with any questions/comments! For men: Ever described a woman’s vagina to her? For women: Ever have a man describe your vagina to you? What was it like?

Blessings, Dr. Leonard

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