blog photo 11Note…this is part of a continuing series teaching men, the women who love them, and anyone else interested in developing their sexuality to the next level the art of vaginal massage. See previous blogs, starting at The Vaginal Massage Playbook/Part One for any of the information you’ve missed up until this point.

During your pink slit voyages you can keep your right index finger fully inserted the whole time, curling your finger up into the G-spot, or you can stoke your finger in, curl the tip up against the G-spot and rub the tip into the area as you pull your finger part way out. Experiment with the two strokes to see what works best for the object of your desire. Also, most sexual guides caution against mimicking the stroking action of a penis sliding in and out of the vagina, but some women love this in/out stroking motion. The key is to stroke in and out while angling your finger(s) up into her G-spot, versus “poking” in and out so that your fingers miss the nerve rich area altogether.

Now you’re set: as your left middle finger moves down her clitoris, your right index finger moves up and back into her vagina, so the tip of your finger is at the back of her G-spot. As your left middle finger moves up her clitoris your right index finger moves forward, toward you, across her G-spot, stroking along its length. (Your right index finger remains in her slickened crevasse at all times.)

Relax into a nice, gentle, slow, steady massage, with your fingers slipping over your lover’s hot button and into her wet sweetness. If you’ve pampered her mind and body with great foreplay your woman will hopefully reach an orgasm in five to twenty minutes. Once she does keep massaging until she has another, and another and another…If she needs a change of pace or pressure as you continue along use the tips above in the Chasing the Wind section.

Keep doing what you’re doing until you sense it’s time to do something else. For example, if your woman has had several orgasms in a row and then she stops having orgasms for a few minutes, you might try slowing down to a snail’s pace and instruct her to breath down into her love box, bringing her attention back to her ecstatic playground. Stay present. Pretend you’re playing a fine instrument. You might bend down so that your face is directly over her vagina and focus like a laser on what you’re doing.

Here are some other options for changing up your technique:

* Stroke very slowly for five minutes or more until your woman begs you to go faster.

* Stroke very slowly and gradually build to a faster rhythm.

* After your woman has had several orgasms, stop stroking her clitoris and go slow and deep with your G-spot strokes.

* Instead of just stroking the Butterfly Spot, use three fingers to stroke the left, front/top and right sides of her clitoris.

* Using three fingers, vibrate your left hand over her clitoris as you keep a steady rhythm on her G-spot. By “vibrating” I mean keeping your fingers in place while you move your hand back and forth as quickly as possible. There should be very little movement of your fingers. Practice by placing your fingertips on a desk or tabletop. Keep them in place as you move your hand quickly back and forth in extremely small movements, as quickly as you can.

* Stop stroking her clitoris, vibrate your finger(s) into her G-spot (keep the finger(s) pressed into the fireworks zone and move it/them in the vibrating motion described above). As she starts to orgasm begin stroking her clitoris again.

Next time: We conclude our discussion of a Great Basic Vaginal Massage, and move on to awesome variations of the basic technique. Until then, please write with any questions/comments.


Dr. Leonard