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Note…this is part of a continuing series teaching men, the women who love them, and anyone else interested in developing their sexuality to the next level the art of vaginal massage. See previous blogs, starting at The Vaginal Massage Playbook/Part One for any of the information you’ve missed up until this point.

Creating Full Body Orgasmic Motion In Your Lover

     Try the following after your lover has orgasmed several times: Place your left hand under her tailbone, so that it’s sandwiched between her and the bed. As you massage her vagina with the fingers of your right hand, say:

“Breath down into your vagina.”

As she does, cup the palm of your right hand over her mons pubis while fingering her G-spot and push her vagina down toward the bed as you use your left hand to pull the top of her tailbone (the end closest to the low back) up, which will push the tip of her tailbone down toward the bed. This will allow her to breathe deeper into her abdomen. Once she’s inhaled fully, wait for a count of two and then say:

“Breath all the way out.”

As she begins to exhale, use your right hand to gently pull her vagina up toward the ceiling while you use your left hand to rock the tip of her tailbone up as well. This will let her exhale fully.

Repeat this motion nine times (the Chinese, masters at directing the flow of internal energy, believe multiples of nine breathes are best for this practice) .When a woman experiences a full-body orgasm her body will naturally undulate in a wave-like motion in which the sacrum rocks back on the in-breath and forward on the out-breath. This technique will help your lover breath deeper and achieve this wave-like motion during your vaginal massages. You may find that it increases her sexual responsiveness. Because there’s a lot going on and she has to concentrate, most women won’t want to keep doing this for the entire massage. Use it for helping your woman become more orgasmic, and keep it in your back pocket for a quick variation to keep things interesting.

Next time: We continue learning awesome variations of the basic vaginal massage technique. Until then, please write with any questions/comments.



Dr. Leonard