So let’s get started teaching you everything you need to know about vaginal massage. This info is for men and the women who love them…If you’re a woman, you can use this guidance to teach your lover how to give you hours of pleasure. Here goes…

Jose Toiran, perhaps the world’s most famous vaginal masseuse, tells his clients after they’ve paid $200 to lay on his massage table, waiting for him to put his hot Latin hands on their naked bodies: “This is your time. Relax. Enjoy yourself.” Jose told me last week some of his international clientele are “so damn hot I’d pay them to massage their vaginas,” but instead he strives “to make every second I spend with them all about their pleasure”.

If it works for Jose, who massages more vaginas in a day than most men see in a year, you might want to pay attention. (A lot of guys ask me, “Why would I want to massage her vagina? What’s in it for me?” The short answer is that by promoting your woman’s radiance–the subject of a soon-to-come blog post–you make your life so much easier. Much more on this–and a full interview with Jose Toirian– in upcoming blogs…)

For now, let’s get you started in mastering the art of vaginal massage, which at this point in history is one of the most important sexual skills you’ll ever master.

Great vaginal massages begin with great settings. You’ll need to set the stage. I’m assuming most of your massages will be done on a bed, but these same ideas apply if you’re on a sleeping bag in the woods or a sheepskin rug in front of a fireplace.

It’s most helpful in creating a magical space to imagine that you’re a director of a movie or play. As a director, you’re going to create a set or stage, and you’ll be using props such as oils, gels, flowers, candles, costumes, sex toys, and sensual stimulants, such as peacock feathers. There is lighting. There is music.  Since yours is a very intimate theater, you can also play with special effects (i.e. different scents). Using everything you can, you’re going to create the ultimate space for your woman to experience ultimate pleasure.

First, usher your woman to another room so you can be alone to craft the space. Always remember that gestures like this help her let go. You are in charge, so don’t ask for her help in changing the sheets or vacuuming the rug. Here’s a nice touch: make up a sumptuous bubble bath for her. If it’s her first vaginal massage, buy her a luxurious terry cloth robe and matching terry cloth slippers to wear after she dries off from the bath. Then, have the robe and slippers gift-wrapped and sitting in the bathroom for her to open, with a note that says something heartfelt like, “I love you, Princess!”

Next time…more tips on setting the stage so your lover can fully relax into her vaginal massage…

Until then…Please write with any questions/comments! What part does energy sexuality play in your love life and relationships?

Blessings, Dr. Leonard 


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