Note: …this is part of a continuing series teaching men, the women who love them, and anyone else interested in developing their sexuality to the next level the art of vaginal massage. See previous blogs, starting at The Vaginal Massage Playbook/Part One for any of the information you’ve missed up until this point.

Last time we talked about vaginal “hot spots” and areas of your lover’s vagina that are harder than the surrounding tissues. What are these irregularities on the walls of your woman’s vagina?

Our bodies ‘store” emotional traumas. Oftentimes these areas of special texture are holding residual tension from physical, mental or emotional traumas, usually having to do with sex or giving birth. One woman told me that when her lover first massaged her vagina it brought up memories of a painful sexual encounter she’d had with an extremely well-hung man. As her lover massaged her she felt a release. “It felt like something gave way, and then I became more responsive. Way more juicy,” she said, noting that as her lover got better at VM her honey jar kept getting more responsive. “I start being able to relax into orgasm after orgasm. I even started ejaculating. Now it feels like my pussy vibrates after he’s been massaging it for a while.”

Up to now you’ve been massaging your lover’s clitoris with your left hand and massaging the floor of her vagina with the index finger of your right hand. Next, move your finger to the right side wall of your lover’s pleasure depot. The tissue here may be slicker. Again, slide your finger up to the top of the wall and then back down in a seeping motion, feeling for tight spots, indentations or “hot” spots. Do twenty strokes up and down, and then repeat for the left wall.

At this time your left finger should be caressing your lover’s clitoris in a slow, steady rhythm and your right index finger should have pampered the bottom, right and left walls her love cauldron. Now turn your right hand clockwise so the tip of your index finger rests up against your woman’s G-spot. As you probably know, this is a quarter-sized spot about one to three inches in from the vaginal opening, on the “roof” of the vagina. It should feel different from other tissues you’ve been feeling, having a rougher texture and a “spongy” feel.  Although the G-spot varies in feel and location from woman to woman you should be able to notice a difference in the texture of the tissues here.

If this is a new lover explore this area in the same manner as described above for exploring a clitoris: Gently insert your well-lubricated finger into her vagina and press it into the roof of her vagina. Work your way methodically around the area and ask her to tell you when you’re on the most sensitive spot. Some women won’t have an area of increased sensitivity here, but for most there will be one or two areas that make her Oooooh and Ahhh. Remember these and concentrate on them when papering baby’s erotic cubby hole.

The basic stroke for the G-spot is, as you probably know, a “come here” motion, where you curl your index finger up into the roof of your lover’s sweet spot, toward you, as if you were using your finger to motion someone to come toward you.

Try this now: Hold your right hand in front of you and make the “come here” gesture with your index finger. Imagine that you’re using the tip of your finger to massage up into your woman’s G-spot. Imagine now putting a slightly upward lift to the tip of your finger as you stroke toward you. This is the motion you’ll use.

Next time: The juice keeps flowing as we continue to play in our lover’s love glove. Until then, please write with any questions/comments.


Dr. Leonard