Note: this is part of a continuing series that teaches men, the women who love them, and anyone else interested in developing their sexuality to the next level the art of vaginal massage. To read part one of the series, click here: Vaginal Massage: First Thoughts

The new sexuality isn’t the same as the old sexuality. Ten years ago how many women did you know who squirted during a g-spot orgasm? Now they’re everywhere, and they expect YOU to know how to help them do it. Ten years ago taking on sexuality like you might take on Krav Maga lessons or triathlon training was for the few, but just in the past two weeks, I’ve talked with men who have developed themselves to the point where they see fireballs around their heads when they are circulating energy through their lovers’ bodies.


So let’s get you in on the energy sexuality revolution. In this series, we’re teaching you all you need to know to massage your woman’s vagina. This is a basic skill you’ll eventually use to tap into your woman’s energy field and give her experiences she’s never even dreamed about.

Are you ready? We’re talking about setting the stage for your vaginal massages. Here goes…

You’ll want your space nice and neat.  By bringing order to the space, you’re promoting your woman’s sense that she can trust you to take care of her, consequently enhancing her ability to let go completely. The look you’re after is neat, sparse and beautiful. Imagine a Zen garden. No need to hire an interior designer for this make-over, just get as close to that clean, elegant look as possible.

If there are clothes or loose papers scattered about, put them away out of sight (maybe placing all the clutter in a laundry basket in the closet). If there is a television in the room, cover it with a nice piece of fabric, a large scarf or, if nothing else is around, a bath towel. Why? Televisions, even turned off, are a connection to the “real” world, and you want to make any space in which you perform VM one dedicated to passion and ecstasy.

If your budget and schedule allows, spring for a bouquet of flowers, putting them in a vase by the bed or, if you have flowers in your yard or living space, cut the stems from several of them and float the flowers in a nice bowl of water, an elegant, Zen-like touch.

Change the bedding. Invest in some polyester satin sheets. As with all the items mentioned here, find them online or at specialty home décor stores. Most women love the feel of satin against their skin, and these sheets add a real sense of luxury to their massage experience. You’ll want them in red, the color of passion, unless your woman has another favorite color that makes her feel more comfortable and sexy. If she doesn’t like satin, find out what she does like (for example, high count cotton, flannel, t-shirt material), and get a nice set of sheets in her favorite color or pattern.

Next time we’ll continue to set the stage for our vaginal massages…Until then, please write with any questions/comments! How do you raise the energy of the space where you make love?

Blessings, Dr. Leonard

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